“QUANTOR-5est” stationary echometer

“QUANTOR-5est” monitors fluid level and gas pressure in the well annulus.
Two design versions of the instrument are available: stationary and mobile.

The “QUANTOR-5est” echometer generates an acoustic pulse without annulus gas bleeding to the atmosphere.

The “QUANTOR-5est” echometer can operate under vacuum, zero pressure and overpressure (up to 100 kgf/cm2) with its settings and design kept unchanged.

The instrument does not have a compressor, all connectors are protected by special caps which significantly increases reliability of the instrument under severe operating conditions.

“QUANTOR-5est” has a leak-proof design. The structural elements contacting with well head gas are made of corrosion resistant materials.

The stationary instrument receives power and transmits data to the telemetry controller via a special armoured cable. The electrical circuits belong to the intrinsically safe category.

The mobile instrument receives power from the internal batteries, and data are transmitted via Wi-Fi, cellular network or satellite communication network.

The instrument is equipped with a thermal cover for operation in the temperature range from — 40 С° to — 65 С°.
Data transmission
Data are transmitted from “QUANTOR-5est” as follows:
Via Wi-Fi to the reception and processing unit
Via a cable to the control cabinet (MODBUS-RTU (RS-485) or TCP/IP communication interface)
Via cellular network
Via IRIDIUM satellite communication channel
The “QUANTOR-5est” echometer complete with a GSM or IRIDIUM module allows receiving and processing the measurement results right in the office without a well visit.
Vandal-proof version
Easy operation and maintenance
Instrument adaptation for any pressure
Recording sound velocity along tubing collars
Technical specifications
Range of monitored levels
Pressure measurement error
Explosion protection rating
Mounting dimensions, internal thread
Range of monitored pressures
Minimum interval between measurements
Operating temperature range
Overall dimensions
20 - 3900 m
0 - 100 kgf/cm2
±1 %
5 minutes
- 40…+50 °С
60х2,54 GOST 633-80
d 190 х 650 мм
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