Flow density meter of liquid "QUANTOR-501"

The QUANTOR density meter is designed to automatically measure the density and temperature of a liquid.
The QUANTOR-501 density meter is designed to work in systems of automatic control, regulation and control of technological processes for measuring the density and temperature of a liquid in a static state and flow.
The density meter "QUANTOR-501" is produced according to TS 4318-004-44952701-2021.
Scope of application – automated control and accounting systems, regulation and control of technological processes.
The measurement results can be displayed on the operator panel screen in digital and graphical form.
Additional functions:
arrangement of reports
transmission of measurement results via the LoRa channel
access to measurement data via a PC browser
integration with mobile applications via a density meter Wi-Fi access point
sending measurement results via GSM network to the monitoring server
transmission of measurement results via the 4-20 mA current loop interface
The density meter is used to measure the density of the following liquids:
commercial oil
light oil products
dark oil products
The density meter is installed on the pipeline. It can be used as part of mass accounting systems and determination of the quality of liquids at the facilities of the oil refining, food and chemical industries.
The high accuracy of density measurement allows the device to be used for monitoring almost any commercial and technological operations.
other liquids
The built-in digital interface allows the device to be integrated into automated process control systems and eliminates the need for manual measurement
Built-in diagnostic and calibration tools
Maximum measurement accuracy provided by the vibrational density measurement method
Mobile software
The application ensures:
sensor calibration;
monitoring of liquid density and temperature readings;
The smartphone connects to the density meter via its Wi-Fi access point. Calibration parameters are stored in the device memory.
Technical specifications
±1 %
Metrological characteristics:
Range of performance characteristics:
0,7..2,0 gr/m³
-40...+150 °С
The limit of the reduced error of density measurement
The limit of the applied error of temperature measurement
±0,5 %
Installation dimensions:
External thread
Contact part length
3/4РТ inch
40 mm
Power supply:
Power consumption, no more
Maximum pressure
The maximum flow of liquid through the product, at Du 50 mm , no more
12...24 V
1,5 W
16 Bar
18 (5) m³h (l/s)
0,5 kg
206х38х38 mm
Product weight, no more
Product dimensions
-40...+70 °С
-40...+60 °С
1 Exic IIBT3 Х
IP 65
AISI 304
AISI 316 L
RS-485 4...20 мА Wi-Fi
Storage temperature range
Marking of explosion protection
Housing material
Method of interaction with the environment
Operating temperature range during operation
Protection class
Contact part material
Data transfer
Select a package
Description Назначение
Vibration density sensor Registration of the density and temperature of the pumped liquid. Work with acidic, alkaline and aqueous solutions with a density from 700 to 1300 kg/m3
Operator panel based on OS Android Display of controlled parameters, data recording in memory, viewing graphs, calibration.
Data transmission to the monitoring server via GSM network Transmission of telemetry to the monitoring server. Access to the data is possible through a mobile application and a web browser.
Wi-Fi access point, integration with mobile application Integration with mobile application via WiFi
Data transmission via the LoRa channel Transmission of telemetry via the LoRa channel for integration with automated process control systems (APCS)

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