Pumping units monitoring

The system monitors process parameters during well workover, wireline operations, oil producing wells development.
Sending telemetry data to the monitoring server via cellular networks and to supervisor’s mobile application over a Wi-Fi channel
Real-time process parameters monitoring at the operator’s workstation and remotely by the customer
Telemetry data automatic recording to the onboard computer memory
Accounting and analysis of process fluids pumping down into oil producing wells during their development, well workover and wireline operations
Accounting and analysis
The system is fixed on such pumping units as SIN-32, TsA-320, UNB, etc.
Functions of the complex:
The system remotely monitors the parameters of process fluids pumping down into wells in the real-time mode.
Visual display of the operation progress on the driver-operator’s screen
Visual and audio alarm for monitored parameters beyond the permissible range
Telemetry data saving to recording unit internal memory
Graphic display of monitored parameters with overlay option
Sending telemetry data to the monitoring server via the cellular network
Copying telemetry data to FLASH-drive
Assigning tasks to the driver-operator via cellular communications channels
Real-time monitoring of operations in progress via the Internet
Generation of reports on completed operations for any period
Keeping records of pumping unit operating time in machine hours and periodic maintenance
Pumping unit grease pressure and temperature monitoring
Automated data acquisition and transmission:
The system components design guarantees:
Without qualified specialists involvement
The driver-operator performs all control operations using the touch screen
Computer processing not required
No extra transport vehicles to transport the instrument are required
Reliable operation under high vibration
Stable operation under severe climatic conditions
Location of sensors
Parameters monitoring
Pump lubrication pressure
Pump lubrication temperature
Pump operating time
Tank level
Total flow rate
Momentary flow rate
Injected fluid pressure
Client software
Emergency notification
Displaying all units in tile and tree view
Plots viewing upon clicking a tile
Object activity display
Displayed plots selection
Monitored parameters comparison
Digital and graphical parameter display
Online parameter viewing
One- or two-pump units management
Warning on exceeded monitored parameter limits
Video recording of the process
Video recording of the process of performing the operation of pumping process fluids in parallel with the recording of the telemetry of the monitored parameters:
Freeze frame corresponding to the moment of time by clicking on the graph
Displaying the location of the unit on the satellite map according to the moment of video recording
Comparison of the video sequence with graphs of changes in technological parameters
Video recording of the process of moving the vehicle synchronously with the fixation of its track
  • Temperature
  • Volume
  • Consumption
  • Density
  • Pressure
Mobile software
The mobile application provides access to the pumping unit operation telemetry data.
Monitoring is possible both from the server via the GSM network and via WiFi of a specific unit if the smart phone is within its coverage zone.
System components
Reception and processing unit
Pressure sensor
RPM sensor
Density meter
Flow meter
Level transmitter
Grease pressure sensor
“QUANTOR” server software
“QUANTOR” client software
Grease temperature sensor
Functions of the complex
Automated data acquisition
Parameter visualization in the unit cabin
Maintenance recommendations
Archives viewing in graphical and digital form
Over-limit monitoring
Equipment operating time accounting
Select a package
Description Functions
Reception and processing unit Data acquisition, visualization, storage and online transmission via the GSM network
Pressure sensor Overpressure recording
Pump shaft RPM sensor Momentary flow rate (design), total flow rate (volume), pump operating time (machine hours)
Switch Data acquisition from sensors, data transmission to reception and processing unit, emergency warning
Density meter Рumped fluid density recording
Handling of acid, alkali and aqueous solutions with density of 700 to 1300 kg/m³
Temperature sensor Pumped fluid temperature recording
Flow meter Momentary flow rate Total flow rate (volume)
Pump oil temperature sensor Pump case oil temperature recording
Pump lubrication system oil pressure sensor Pump lubrication system oil pressure recording
Level gauge
(for SIN-32)
Liquid level monitoring
Wellhead pressure gauge Annulus pressure recording and wireless data transmission

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