POL delivery accounting

The hardware and software complex automatically monitors refuelling by a mobile fuel dispenser.
Automatic transmission of telemetry data to the monitoring server once the fuel dispenser gets into the GSM coverage area
The refuelling operations are automatically registered by the system
Process parameters acquisition
The system generates reports on completed operations and violations for any requested time period
Accounting and analysis
The fuel dispenser equipment package:
All recorded data are automatically saved to the onboard computer database and transmitted to the monitoring server via the GSM channel.
The system records the following parameters during refuelling:
Onboard computer powered by OS ANDROID
QR code reader
Driver's identification card reader
Fuel level, density and temperature sensors in the tank
Fuel dispensing pump RPM sensor
Switching unit
Refuelling site coordinates
Transport vehicle filled with fuel, scanning the QR code of waybill
Full name of the driver who receives fuel, identification card readout
Amount of delivered fuel
Without qualified specialists involvement
The driver-operator performs all control operations using the touch screen
Automated data acquisition and transmission:
The system components design guarantees:
Stable operation under severe climatic conditions
Reliable operation under high vibration
Parameters monitoring
Delivery volume
Fuel dispenser geolocation
Tank volume
Tank level
System components
“QUANTOR-5tms” hardware and software complex
“QUANTOR” server software
“QUANTOR” client software
Client software
Displaying the remaining POL in the tank
POL delivery site recording
POL delivery monitoring as per traffic map and waybill
POL delivery recording
Displaying the delivered POL as a data list
Displaying the delivered POL and the remaining POL in the tank
Automatic updating the database of valid cards of drivers and materially liable persons (within the GSM coverage area)
Monitoring the location of the tanker fleet
Telemetry of the tanker fleet. Data on fuel availability by section and last issue
Archive of performed operations and graphical representation of parameter changes for the specified time interval
Tanker movement track indicating the location of fuel delivery operations
Archive of performed operations and graphical representation of parameter changes for the specified time interval
Request a tanker operation report for the specified time interval
A tool for creating geofenced. Fuel delivery operations within the specified geofenced will be marked in accordance with their names
Tanker fleet editor and Driver staff editor
Functions of the complex
POL delivery monitoring as per drivers’ cards and waybill bar codes
Monitoring the remaining POL in the fuel dispenser tank
Automated POL delivery accounting
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