Hardware and software complex of well telemetry "Quantor-5"

Аппаратно-программный комплекс телеметрии скважин "Квантор-5"
The complex provides continuous automatic monitoring of the operation of oil well equipment.


The complex provides continuous automatic monitoring of the operation of oil well equipment.
The following parameters are controlled:
linear pressure
fluid level in the well (echogram)
annular pressure of the load on the rod and its movement (dynamogram)
monitoring of parameters
analysis of incoming data
construction of echograms, calculation of the liquid level in the annulus
construction of dynamograms, maximum and minimum load on the rod, stroke
display of telemetry in graphical and digital form on the screen of the receiving and processing unit
saving telemetry in the memory of the receiving and processing unit
sending data to the monitoring server via the GSM network
access to telemetry via the operator's smartphone
The receiving and processing unit of the SHC "QUANTOR-5tms"
* - the Customer chooses the configuration
  • receiving and processing unit (BPO);
  • autonomous dynamograph (ABD);
  • stationary echometer (EST);
  • wellhead pressure gauge (ARD).
Configuration of the SHC "QUANTOR-5tms"*:
The hardware and software complex "QUANTOR-5tms" is designed for remote monitoring of the condition of downhole equipment (data collection, storage, analysis) with subsequent data transmission via wireless communication channels (GSM, Wi-Fi), RS-485 and USB.
  • The autonomous dynamograph "QUANTOR-5abd" is designed for automatic registration of dynamograms of the operation of oil-producing wells equipped with sucker-rod pumping units for a long time, without the participation of an operator.
  • Data transfer from QUANTOR-5abd to the software is carried out via Wi-Fi or cellular communication.
Level and pressure sensor
The stationary echometer "QUANTOR-5est" is designed for telemechanics (telemetry) systems of oil-producing enterprises in order to control the liquid level and gas pressure in the annulus of oil and gas producing and injection wells.
Liquid pressure sensor
The wellhead pressure gauge "QUANTOR-5ard" is designed for automatic registration of liquid or gas pressure in injection or production wells, with subsequent data transmission to software via Wi-Fi or cellular communication.
  • Monitoring of connected sensors;
  • Display of sensor data in the form of plates;
  • Visualization of the dynamogram on the plate;
  • Setting up the display of parameters in the plate;
  • Setting up sensor polling;
  • Overlap of the actual and theoretical dynamogram;
  • Database on well equipment;
  • Integration with level gauges and pressure sensors.
The receiving and processing unit of the SHC "QUANTOR-5tms" provides the following features:
Датчик динамометрирования
Датчик уровня и давления
Датчик давления жидкости
Мобильный телефон
Блок приема и обработки
Оснащение кустовой площадки
Интеграция с АСУТП
Additional features
"QUANTOR-5micro" is equipped with a radio channel for communication of sensors with the registration unit, which ensures the efficiency of research and ease of operation.
The QUANTOR-5micro meter-recorder (MR) is a compact portable device for operational monitoring of the liquid level, annular pressure and the operation of the sucker-rod pump.
Select a package
Description Functions
• The receiving and processing unit of the SHC "QUANTOR-5tms" Sensor polling, data display and analysis, measurement archive, telemetry mandrel to the monitoring server, WiFi access point.
Dynamograph Registration of the load and movement of the rod.
Level and pressure sensor Registration of the echogram and annular pressure, determination of the liquid level in the annulum.
Liquid pressure sensor Registration of liquid pressure in the line.
Intertraverse jack Installing/removing the dynamograph without damaging the polished rod.
Operational control complex "Quantor-5 micro" For operational control of well equipment at wells not equipped with a stationary Hardware and software complex "QUANTOR-5".
Smartphone A mobile phone in IP68 protected design with the software "QUANTOR-5". Provides access to the telemetry of the Receiving and processing Unit via Wi Fi.

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