Liquid circulation control "QUANTOR-502"

Контроль циркуляции жидкости «КВАНТОР-502»
The liquid circulation monitoring device "QUANTOR-502" is designed for automatic control of the movement of process fluid in the circulation system.
Subject matter
The circulation of the process fluid during drilling and testing of wells is a critical factor. Even a short-term cessation of circulation during drilling is fraught with complications. Continuous monitoring of the circulation process and instant notification in case of violations, significantly reduces the risk of equipment stuck and eliminates the possibility of emergency situations associated with DDM failure.
The device is permanently mounted in the low-pressure part of the circulation system of the process tank (gutter).

The equipment is ready for operation when power is supplied, does not require maintenance and routine maintenance during operation.

In case of termination of circulation, a light and sound alert is activated. When the process is normalized, the alert is automatically removed.
монтаж «КВАНТОР-502»
The circulation sensor is installed through a hole in the side of the pipe on the upper platform of the process tank and is fixed with a saddle clamp.

The light and sound warning unit is installed on the electrical panel of the process tank.

Communication between the flow sensor and the notification unit is carried out by cable.
Circulation sensor
Light alerter (flash light)
Sound alerter (buzzer)
Power cable
Power unit (220/24 V)
Technical specifications
16 kgf/cm²
24 V
- 40…+50 С°
300 х 100 х 100 mm
Maximum pressure
Power supply voltage
Shell protection class
Working range of temperatures
Overall dimensions
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