“QUANTOR-5era” self-contained echometer

The self-contained recording echometer monitors fluid level and gas pressure in the well annulus automatically according to the preset schedule.
The “QUANTOR-5era” has a single-block design. The instrument does not have mechanical switches and connectors which significantly increases its reliability under severe operating conditions.

All instrument components in contact with aggressive medium are made of corrosion resistant materials, easily detachable and serviceable.
The filter system protects the solenoid valve from large particles flying out of the gas well. The instrument operated at non-pressurised wells is equipped with a gas gun assembly for acoustic pulse generation.

The instrument is powered from high-capacitance detachable lithium batteries.

The instrument is delivered as a set with “QUANTOR” network software for handling measurement results, calculations, exporting to a file and printing out.
Data transmission
The “QUANTOR-5era” is equipped with a radio channel which ensures quick examination and easy operation, especially when it is impossible or hard to access the wells for one reason or another.

The user can download the entire collected archive of measurement results to the computer or recording unit (depending on the instrument package), change the measurement recording schedule.

The “QUANTOR-5era” is equipped with a GSM module or an “Iridium” satellite communication module supporting the functions of positioning and data transmission via the Internet. This option allows receiving and processing the measurement results right in the office without a well visit.
Recording sound velocity along tubing collars
Quick battery change
Long operation from internal battery
Remote access to measurement results and instrument settings (GSM module)
Wireless communication
Easy operation and maintenance
Vandal-proof version
Instrument operation under vacuum and zero pressure
Technical specifications
Range of monitored levels
Pressure measurement error
Pressure monitoring increment
Radio channel communication range for setup and archive downloading
Range of monitored pressures
Memory capacity, at least
Time of operation from internal battery at 6 measurements/hour
Explosion protection rating
20 - 4000 m
0 - 100 kgf/cm2
±1 %
400 measurements
0,1 kgf/cm2
96 hours
40 m
Enclosure protection class
Operating temperature range
- 40…+50 °С
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