“QUANTOR-5bdd” stationary dynamometer

The “QUANTOR-5bdd” dynamometer records load, movements of the downhole pump polished rod and pumping speed of the pumping unit. A dynagraph is generated in the instrument itself. A complete digital dynagraph is transmitted to the controller.
With due regard to the oil producing companies’ demand for automated production control over the mechanized stock, Quantor-T LLC has developed and series produced stationary dynamometers for telemetry systems.

The instrument is a single block mounted between cross-arms of the pumping unit cable hanger or under the rod rotor.

Three-point load cell allows getting the most accurate weight data. The dynamometer casing has a retainer preventing from spontaneous uncoupling upon cross-arms release. The dynamometer is leak-tight and can be operated under various climatic conditions.

The dynamometer receives power and transmits data via a special armoured cable. The electrical circuits belong to the intrinsically safe category.

The dynamometer can be adapted for customer’s controllers.
Data transmission
Measurement results interpretation
For dynagraphs processing and making calculations, the instrument is delivered as a set with “QUANTOR” software supporting the following functions:
Reports exporting to Excel format
Reports printing out
Sending measurement results via email
The procedure of well dynagraphs creation and viewing is rather simple: Run the software, select the well you need from the list, and specify the proper time interval.
Vandal-proof version
Easy operation and maintenance
No need to pull wires and create a data transmission network to transmit data from a well
User-friendly “QUANTOR” software
Technical specifications
Force, kN
Pumping speed
Force measurement range, kN
Force measurement limit reduced error
Time interval measurement error limit
Movement cycle period measurement range
Movement measurement error limit
0,5...10 m
0,7…20 strokes/min
± 0,01 s
3…100 s
± 2 %
± 0,05 m
Movement cycle period measurement error limit
Supply voltage
Current consumption, mA, maximum
Explosion protection level and rating
± 0,05 s
15 V
Operating temperature range
External effects protection level as per GOST 14254
Armoured cable length
3,2 kg
- 40…+ 70 °С
25 m
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