“QUANTOR-5ard” wellhead pressure gauge

The self-contained pressure recorder records pressure and temperature at well heads of producing or injection wells and transmits the recorded values at preset time intervals.
It can be operated as a stationary instrument linked with telemetry systems via MODBUS-RTU (RS-485) communication interface.
The “QUANTOR-5ard” has a single-block design. The instrument does not have mechanical switches and connectors which significantly increases its reliability under severe operating conditions.

It can be installed instead of a standard pressure gauge or in the sampler hole.

Measurement recording starts from the moment of pressure rise (valve opening). All recorded data are automatically transmitted to the company server via GSM network.

Wellhead equipment modification is not required to install the instrument. The instrument casing has a branch pipe for residual pressure relief during transducer dismantling.

The instrument is leak-tight and can be operated under various weather conditions.
Data transmission
The “QUANTOR-5ard” is equipped with a radio channel which ensures quick examination and easy operation, especially when it is impossible or hard to access the wells for one reason or another.

The user can download the entire collected archive of measurement results to the computer or recording unit (depending on the instrument package), change the measurement recording schedule or request the current measurement results. In this case, the instrument will take measurements out of the recording schedule.

The “QUANTOR-5ard” is equipped with a GSM module supporting the functions of positioning and data transmission via the Internet. This option allows receiving and processing the measurement results right in the office without a well visit.
Vandal-proof version
Easy operation and maintenance
Instrument starting at overpressure
Wireless communication
Long operation from removable battery
Easy to replace high-capacitance lithium batteries
Remote access to measurement results (GSM module)
Large memory capacity
Technical specifications
Pressure measurement range, kgf/cm2
Pressure measurement error
Time of operation from a battery set
Memory capacity
Minimum interval between measurements
0…10/25/60/160/ 250/ 400 /600/ 1000
400 000 measurements
1 second
max. 1 year
Explosion protection rating
Operating temperature range
Enclosure protection class
Mounting dimensions, external thread
- 40…+50 °С
Data transmission channel
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