“QUANTOR-5abd” self-contained dynamometer

The “QUANTOR-5abd” self-contained dynamometer testing unit automatically records the operation dynagraphs of wells equipped with downhole pumps according to the preset schedule and transmits the examination results to the user’s workstation via the cellular network or satellite communication network, or via Wi-Fi to the control station.
The “QUANTOR-5abd” has a single-block design. The instrument does not have mechanical switches and connectors which significantly increases its reliability under severe operating conditions.

Three-point load cell allows getting the most accurate weight data, and non-contact movement sensor makes operation of the instrument as easy as possible.

A special retainer prevents the load cell from spontaneous uncoupling upon cross-arms release.

The instrument is leak-tight and can be operated under various weather conditions.

The load cell is powered from quick-detachable 18650-type lithium batteries. The load cell can be powered by one battery (if necessary).
Data transmission
The “QUANTOR-5abd” is equipped with a Wi-Fi module which ensures quick examinations and easy operation, especially when it is impossible or hard to access the wells for one reason or another.

Without connecting to the instrument via a cable, the user can download the entire collected archive of measurement results to the computer or recording unit (depending on the instrument package), change the measurement recording schedule or request the current measurement results. In this case, the instrument will take measurements out of the recording schedule.

If the sensor is used as a stationary system, data will be transmitted to the well control station.

The “QUANTOR-5abd” is equipped with a GSM module or an “Iridium” satellite communication module supporting the functions of positioning and data transmission via the Internet. This option allows receiving and processing the measurement results right in the office without a well visit.
Vandal-proof version
Easy operation and maintenance
Large memory capacity
Remote access to measurement results from the instrument (GSM module, “Iridium”)
Wireless communication
Long operation from removable batteries
Technical specifications
Range of monitored loads
Pumping speed
Memory capacity
Operation time at online transmission via the GSM network and 10 measurements/hour
Range of monitored movements
Load measurement error
Minimum interval between measurements
Wi-Fi module communication range for setup and archive downloading
0- 10 000 kg
0 - 10 m
1,2 - 20 strokes/min
2 %
180 measurements
4 minutes
8 days
50 m
Explosion protection rating
Operating temperature range
Enclosure protection class
Overall dimensions
- 40…+50 °С
165х90х65 mm
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