K51.100 cross-arm jack

Hydraulic cross-arm jacks separate cable hanger cross-arms of conventional pumping unit wellhead rod in order to install a dynamometer testing horseshoe transducer in the space between cross-arms.
The cable hanger cross-arms shall be released prior to installing the dynamometer testing horseshoe transducer designed for “QUANTOR-5” series instruments.

The jacks are installed in standard service slots located along the cross-arms’ edges. Contact parts of a jack can be self-adjusted during operation. It takes a minute to mount the dynamometer testing horseshoe transducer by means of cross-arm jacks. The polished rod is neither damaged nor cable hanger cross-arm is released during the installation.

Each jack withstands a load of max. 5000 kg.
Technical specifications
Limit jack load, kN
Max. plunger stroke, mm
Operating fluid
Operating temperature range, °С
Handle-plunger force ratio
Lift per one full piston stroke, mm
Operating fluid volume per one jack, ml
Gross package weight, kg
shock-absorber fluid TU 38.101.479-86
−40...+50 °С
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